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River Wilderness Compliance Committee




Florida Statute 720.305 (2) (b)) requires that before a fine or suspension may be imposed on a member of the association, the member be given an opportunity to appear before a committee. The River Wilderness Compliance Committee is composed of at least three residents who are not officers, directors, or employees of the association, or the spouse, parent, child, brother, or sister of an officer, director, or employee. It is charged with providing review and oversight of all RW HOA Board fining decisions. Fines may be levied by vote of the RW HOA Board based on its findings or findings of its delegated agents. If the RW Compliance Committee, by majority vote, does not approve a proposed fine or suspension, the proposed fine or suspension may not be imposed. Per Florida Statute 720.305 (2) (b)), "The role of the committee is limited to determining whether to confirm or reject the fine or suspension levied by the board".


While it is the responsibility of each resident to know and follow all RW HOA rules, the RW HOA Board procedures are designed to inform residents multiple times when they are in violation of any rule with the goal of fixing the violation. Reaching the point where a fine is deemed necessary means that a resident, either through ignorance or intent, has failed to correct the problem.


The RW Compliance Committee reviews every fine (levied by the RW HOA Board) to determine if Florida Statute and RW HOA internal procedures have been followed, violations documented, residents have been properly notified multiple times and given sufficient time to correct the violation. The Florida Statute requires only one notification letter stating that a fine has been levied and a RW Compliance Committee meeting is scheduled no sooner than 14 days later. All other documentation, communication and discussions are provided for by RW HOA practices and procedures as a courtesy to residents with the goal of solving the problem. The RW Compliance Committee views all procedures, written or otherwise, as equally important and requires the RW HOA Board follow them consistently.